Take Your Production to the Next Level !
Jibarm - Glidecam - Handsfree Transporter - Dolly
Equipment Rental & Professional Operator at a Great Price
  • 40 foot Stanton Triangle Jib - 360 Head & Remote PanArm Pedestal.
  • Glidecam V-25 Camera Stabilizer - Sled, Arm & Vest.
  • The areas first Handsfree Transporter Segway with Glidecam stabilizer mount.
  • From HD Broadcast Cameras to DSLR - I have lots of options to move the lens.
  • The MYT Works 3 in 1 Camera Slider is an 11 pound wonder.
Point of view is a wonderful thing. For those difficult high angles, big smooth sweeping jib shots or just drifting with a Slider.
If you have a special production, program, reality show, sports or a concert event coming up that could use a different visual
feel, let me help take your production to the next level. I have 5 jibarms from 3ft to 40ft reach with lots of options, a Segway
Handsfree Glidecam V25 stabilizer and several dolly options. Please let me know how I can help you with your production
needs.   Many Thanks, Gordon Lash
Columbus, Ohio                                             614-554-2260
Rental Equipment:
Stanton Triangle Jibarm 40ft
Stanton 360 Dutch Head
Stanton PanArm Control Pedestal
Stanton JimmyJib Lite 18ft Jibarm
Stanton Dolly & Track
Stanton Lite Jib Cable Drive Head
Stanton Crank Wheel Control

Electric UTV Cart with Stanton Jib Mount

Panasonic AG-HPX300 HD Camera
Panasonic LH1710 HD Monitor
Glidecam V25 Camera Stabilizer System
Glidecam V8 Camera Stabilizer System
Handsfree Transporter
Segway x2
MYT Works 3 in 1 Camera Slider
Matthews Doorway Dolly
Matthews Track and Wheels
Kino Gaffer Kit (2 x 4ft 4bank)
EZFX Jibarm
EZFX Jibpod & Dolly
VariZoom MC100 Remote Head
Travato Tote Mini-jib
Mackie SRM-450 Active Loudspeakers
Mackie SRS-1500 Active Sub-Woofers
Behringer 212 Active :Loudspeakers
the list goes on . . .

Call 614-554-2260 for day rates